En la época de las mini-series, una breve sobre el salario mínimo y la desigualdad de ingresos

Con los alumnos de la UBA Derecho vimos hoy a Alberdi sobre la distribución de la riqueza, donde plantea  la diferencia entre el derecho a trabajar y el derecho a tener un trabajo, entre el derecho a asociarse (en un gremio, por ejemplo) y la obligación de asociarse o aportar. También vimos sus objeciones sobre el salario mínimo.

Y he aquí que Libertarianism.org, ha producido una corta mini-serie sobre el salario mínimo y la desigualdad de ingresos. Está en inglés, pero se trata de un juicio, ideal para estudiantes de derecho: https://www.libertarianism.org/freedom-on-trial/part-1

Freedom on Trial takes viewers into the heart of the everyday issues that can arise when an employer’s desire to hire more employees runs into the barrier of minimum wage laws, and when the government’s plans to “solve” income inequality only make things worse. These complex problems take center stage in courtroom as both sides passionately make their cases. Quick, witty, dramatic, and empathetic, this series exposes the problems of authority, bureaucracy and centralization, while celebrating the “what ifs” of a life in a freer world.



Freedom on Trial: Episode 1
Minimum wage laws can have unanticipated effects, as we learn when Philip—a typical small-town, small business owner—gets arrested for underpaying his teenage employee, Thomas.



Freedom on Trial: Episode 2
Defense lawyers Holly and William take Philip’s case. District Attorney Sam inflates the case from one small business owner breaking a minimum wage law to the broader issue of income inequality. Will Philip be able to get a fair trial?



Freedom on Trial: Episode 3
What the media’s now calling the “Income Inequality Trial” moves into its final days. Philip violated the minimum wage law, true, but did he really do anything wrong? Did he actually exacerbate income inequality? Or did he instead help a kid get his first job?